Thursday, 23 February 2017

Shopping in Singapore: A Medication for Every Eventuality

This curious muscle oil caught my eye while I was shopping in a Chinese Emporium near People's Park (shopping centre) in Singapore this morning.
I was intrigued by a product that claimed to be able to "Conquer all demons..."
Amazingly the brand is called Chop Blackie Embrocation, which in many Western cultures would be found to be highly offensive.
According to the packing the recipe has been handed down from "an Indian herbalist from Calcutta" and, according to the splendid paper certificate this came with, "...has proved to be popular in numerous Oriental households and among seamen..." (?) reducing irritation from everything from sciatica to cuts and bruises...

I think this company likes to ride on the success of the famous Haw Par brothers (who invented Tiger Balm).
Tiger Oil (which actually contains no tiger parts at all) claims to fix "rheumatism, insect bites, cuts, wounds and 'bees stings'...."

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