Thursday, 23 February 2017

Shopping at 36,000 feet

Although I never buy anything from the in-flight duty-free shop, I usually find the catalogs for the products a reasonable way to kill 10 minutes while the aircraft is waiting to take off.
Tuesday's flight to Singapore was no different except for the fact that this brochure seemed to outdo itself with a range of products with near-criminal claims to stop the aging process.

From anti-wrinkle products, to eye rejuvenation devices, energy sticks, and even a product that employs something called tillandsia usneodes (Spanish Moss) to add a natural 'moisturising factor' (i.e. 'add water to'...).

You could also order a 3.8kg Le Creuset pan for $400 (presumably not held onboard because of the extreme weight), a very desirable 'extreme passport holder...' as endorsed by Hugh Jackman (Yup, it's a wallet) from Mont Blanc, a travelling display case for your auto winding wristwatch collection, prams, $1,200 suitcases, scan-proof wallets, card safes, a $5,310 rooster statue, and a Hello Kitty doll for $35.

My personal favourite was the rejuvenating socks at $45 a pair which produce "healthier looking skin and nails in just 4 weeks. A great travelling companion too!"   I can't wait...

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