Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bali photo tour announced

Sydney Uni has announced a new Photo Study Tour to Bali. Format for this one-week tour is essentially a group of informative workshops taking place in another country. The idea behind this photo tour is to give participants the best possible photographic experience in one of south-east Asia`s most beautiful locations. We combine several informative based in the artists' centre of Woodward with extensive trips visiting places of intense beauty. Visits to some of these notable locations are designed specifically with the photographer in mind so that we have plenty of time to wait for the sun to be in the right position, the light to be just right, the angles to be good and the opportunities comprehensive.
Among the workshops taking place in Bali are sessions on portraiture (with models), high dynamic range imaging (HDR), night photography, and macro. Part of the cost of the tour goes to having a beautiful coffee table photo book printed. Robin will also conduct worksops on how to maximise your photography and produce a stunning publication once you return home.

For more information about this short but action-filled Photo Tour visit Sydney University's website at
If the dates 8-16th October do not fit with your schedule you might like to consider other upcoming Photo Tours which include Japan (29thOct - 17thNov) Morocco+Libya in March 2011.
To get an idea of how much fun these photos study tours can be, check out previous listings here during March and April 2010 when we were conducting photo tours to East Africa.
Travelling with a professional photographer is the best way to learn how to master your camera - plus you have a great time in some of the world's most beautiful and fascinating spots...

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