Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Here are some hot shots from our first day shooting Plugged Portraits for Sydney University at the SCA campus, Rozelle.
We used fairly basic equipment: Bowens 1000 joule heads, reflectors, umbrellas stands, flats and softboxes. The final part of the morning shoot was taken up using Canon and Nikon speedlights kitted out with umbrellas or honeycomb grids to get a similar look to the full studio arrangement while remaining mobile.
The afternoon was spent post-processing the images in Photoshop. Here are some of the results from this first day. Considering none of the 7 students have had had previous studio experience, these are truly awesome. Well done guys.

Credit goes to, from the top: Robert Marconi (1), Chris Wilkins (4), Gordon Chirgwin (2), Bonnie Humphries (1).
Watch this space for the results from next week's workshop...

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