Wednesday, 2 June 2010

SCA/CCE Studio Photography Class

Here are some great results from last weeks studio and portrait session shot in and around Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) in RozelleThe class had seven students and four models over two days of photography. We used a range of equipment, starting with a simple light stand and open reflector set up, before moving on to more sophisticated lighting using reflector boards, white transparent umbrellas and soft boxes. Later in the morning some of the group took the shoot outdoors, arming themselves with a single speedlight mounted onto a basic light stand but modified using either honeycomb grids or umbrellas. 
Considering this was the first time most of the students had even seen a professional lighting setup, let alone used one, the results we achieved were outstanding. Top two shots by Chris Wilkins (using the new Orbis ringflash and a Canon 430EX speedlight). Next: Bonnie Humphries, Chris Wilkins, Bonnie, Linda Rowan, next two by Rob Marconi. Low key shots by Gordon Chirgwin, muscleman by GC, expression montage by Gary Russell, Linda, Kye Thompson, final two headshots also by Kye. 
My thanks to John J, Fabio I, Sheila M, Jana and Sarah M for being such patient models.

Later in the week we'll be running a similar class using speedlights and natural light only. Watch out for the results from Portraits Unplugged.

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