Monday, 22 July 2019

Sydney's Living Museums: Vaucluse House

Sydney's Living Museums encompasses 12 properties, most of which are in Sydney, with a couple further afield. A single entrance costs $12 which is great value but you can also buy a pass to visit all the properties for just $25 - the pass lasts for a month. It's terrific value if you have a few weekends free. Most of the images here have been processed with the help of Aurora HDR software.This is the wonderful drawing room at Vaucluse House in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Beautifully restored bedroom at Vaucluse House

Close up details, Vaucluse House

The wine cellar, Vaucluse House
(Repro) Maids smocks
Vaucluse House

Pic by Natalie Hitchens

Covered walkway between kitchen and rest of the house, Vaucluse
Pic by Natalie Hitchens
Letter and board games
Pic by Natalie Hitchens
Pic by Natalie Hitchens

Corner of the verandah
Pic by Natalie Hitchens
Original music score, Vaucluse House
Pic by Natalie Hitchens

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