Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Sydney's Living Museums: Rose Seidler House

Designed and built by architect Harry Seidler for his mum, Rose Seidler, in 1950, Rose Seidler House today stands as a monument mid 20th-century modern domestic architecture in Australia and is now owned by Sydney's Living Museums. It's not big, it's not as cluttered as many of the other houses managed by Sydney Living Museums and it only takes 15-20 mins to get round but it's so iconic, its bush setting and classic lines I think make this a must-see house...

The long pedestrian ramp running up to the outside patio is a signature feature of Rose Seidler House. I believe this originally led to the swimming pool, now filled in.
The patio features a renovated modernist mural that's eye-catching and nicely offset with the classic sun chairs

Under the slab you'll find a small studio (at left) and at right a clear view to the bush that surrounds the property. Seidler built two other houses for family members in the same location (just visible through the trees) which are not open to the public.

Rose Seidler House
The kitchen is fantastic - a bit small perhaps by current trends, but its coloured sliding glass-fronted cabinets and stainless steel bench tops are surprisingly contemporary today.
Classic sitting room design - glass-fronted cabinets, incorporating a stereogram, loud colours combined with a design simplicity that's a signature of this property.
What I also really appreciate about all of the Sydney Living Museum properties we visited in June is the dedication that its volunteers and guides bring to the experience. Their local knowledge brings an added dimension to the experience for the visitor.
(All images by Natalie Hitchens).

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