Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Day at Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo has two white tigers in its collection. They are magnificent.
All but the last three photos in this post were taken and post-processed by Natalie Hitchens
African Warthog
Wild dog in motion
BabirusaA type of pig found only in Sulawesi.
The top two incisors actually grow through the top of the pig's snout
Keeper hand-feeding a red panda

The Zoo's new River Safari exhibit is very impressive
Malaysian Tapir
Red panda
Jia Jia, a female Panda, enjoying a bamboo stalk snack
Pink flamingo
Scarlet Ibis
Emperor Tamarin
Baby spider monkey
White-faced Saki
Look at me
A back-flipping Manatee
Small-clawed otter
Pink flamingo

Victoria crowned pigeon
Young proboscis monkey
Bornean Orang Utan
Sumatran orang utan
Sumatran orang utan
Sumatran orang utan
Banded water monitor
Lesser mouse deer(it's neither a mouse nor a deer - and it's the size of a cat!)
Fruit bat
Here's a magnificent male mandrill(Pic by Robin Nichols)
And here's a shot of the back end of the same mandrill displaying some truly surreal colouration
(Pic by Robin Nichols)
A pair of red lories(Pic by Robin Nichols)

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