Sunday, 12 June 2016

Filling the Frame with a Robin-O-Gram

An everyday icon, re-lit for Vivid
HDR processed using Aurora HDR Pro
You have to shoot in that 45 minute period after the sun goes down otherwise the sky goes black and images never look as good unless you can fill the frame with colour.
Here's a zoomed shot of a party boat moored alongside the quay.
It's OK but nothing that exciting.
I think there's too much black - it is night time after all, but by dupilcating the layer, changing the Blend Mode to Difference and fiddling with Levels and Hue/Saturation, produces a stronger, symmetrical, colour menagerie...
Robin-O-Gram 1Not exactly a copy of Man Ray's amazing photograms, but the idea behind it was the same.
Works in colour and black-and-white.
Robin-O-Gram 2
"A technique for filling the frame with colour when zooming the lens over a long exposure..."

Robin-O-Gram 3
Robin-O-Gram 4
Robin-O-Gram 5
(Below) Here's how it's done using Adobe Photoshop.

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