Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Aurora Borealis over Myvatn

Here are a few quick shots I did tonight from the car park of our hotel at Lake Myvatn in Northern Iceland. It was the first clear night for 5 days - our guide checked the Icelandic register for the aurora borealis - 7 out of 9 on its scale so we all trooped out into the car park armed with tripods and cameras. Within 10 mins we could discern the aurora.
It got stronger and stronger - not bright enough for video - even at ISO 10,000 - but fine with an exposure of f8@25secs at ISO 1600. It was an awesome sight changing every few minutes from on the horizon to right overhead. Occasionally it appeared with a feint red tinge, just visible to the naked eye.

Towards the end of the session the borealis faded over the horizon a bit so I did a bit of light painting in the car park.

One of the earlier attempts to get the lights on camera using the tiny settlement on the lakeside as a reference point.
To begin with you are barely aware of the lights but as your eyes get accustomed to the night sky it simply got stronger and stronger...

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