Friday, 11 September 2015

Arctic Foxes near Myvatn

I have never seen a group of photographers get out of a vehicle with such intent and purpose as I did today when we pulled up at a remote farm that doubles up as a coffee halt for travellers driving from Egilsstadir through to Myvatn in Northern Iceland.  As the bus came to a halt, what I took to be a grey cat ran across the road in front of us.  Then another ran after the first in hot pursuit.  Our guide told us that these were orphaned Arctic Foxes - not sure what had happened to the mother.  These are normally very shy and retiring creatures but seeing as they were found at a very young age, they were used to humans.  The two farm dogs on guard ignored them.

Shortly after snapping one fox in the field another turned up and off they ran around the farmyard.
The owner appeared and fed them some meat which ended up in a fight.

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  1. Excellent Photography, I wish I could do half of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Gina from Germany