Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fish River Canyon

It’s the biggest thing in Namibia and is the largest canyon in the world, second only to the Grand Canyon in the USA. Unlike its American cousin, Fish River Canyon is a long way from anywhere – we drove two and a half hours out of Keetmanshoop to get there, stayed overnight at the wacky Canon Roadhouse – from where it was another 20 mins drive to the canyon edge. But it is definitely worth it – firstly to see the canyon, but also to experience the wacky roadhouse with its unique car 'museum' inside and out

On the road from the Namibian border to Keetmanshoop
Just before sunset produces some great hints of colour on an otherwise totally shaded canyon
An hour before sunset produces flat looking views - this is looking towards the official viewpoint seen to the left of centre
You can hike into the canyon but from the top, this looks like a very hard prospect. The canyon is 160kms long and 550metres deep!
Complete panorama of the canyon an hour after dawn - this is a tough place to shoot. At any other time of the day the light is too intense and shadowless producing a very bleached out result.

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