Saturday, 4 October 2014

Biltong, dried meat for every occasion

You can buy it anywhere in Southern Africa. Biltong, an air-dried and spiced meat is ubiquitous in the region and replaces snacks like chips and beer nuts at parties, bar-b-qs (braais) and while driving.  It even appears on a menu at the Hilton menu in Windhoek - a plate of biltong and drywors (a sort of salami style sausage that is also dried to the consistency of boot leather).

Biltong comes in a range of meats including: beef, kudu, ostrich, impala, springbok and even shark.  You can also find biltong flavoured with different spices - chilli is my favourite as it can mask the often strongish meaty flavour.  The main ingredients include:  black pepper, coriander, salt, sugar, vinegar and barbecue spice.  Modern-day ingredients include: balsamic or malt vinegar, dry ground chili peppers, nutmeg, garlic, bicarbonate of soda, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, and saltpetre as a preservative.

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