Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Wildlife and Landscapes Tour: Student photos

Have a look at these great shots from guests on my Southern Africa, Landscapes and Wildlife Tour. All a bit hurried as the places visited so far have very limited WiFi that does not support image uploads. These were uploaded from the restaurant in the only hotel in Springbok.

Pin cushion protea in Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town
By Antonia Begbie
Panoramic view from the rondavel (circular thatched hut)  at Kagga Kamma reserve
Pic by Antonia Begbie
Mole's backside, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town
By Antonia Begbie
View over the Karoo.
Pano by Winnie Larsen
Proteas at Kirstenbosch Gardens
by Winnie Larsen
Distant snow on the mountains, fynbos country, Kagga kamma reserve
by Winnie Larsen
Bushman art on Kagga Kamma private reserve
Pic by Richard Muhs
Quartzite and sandstone boulders that make up the chanracter of Kagga Kamma reserve, South Africa
Pic by Richard Muhs

Part of the accommodation at Kagga Kamma involves staying in a fake cave among the real cliffs and boulders.
Pic by Richard Muhs
Typical fynbos vegetation looking out over the bush at Kagga Kamma
Pic by Richard Muhs
Starry night at Kagga Kamma
Pic by Robin Nichols


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