Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kagga Kamma private game reserve

Here are a few quick snaps from Kagga Kamma game reserve, uploaded in the local cafe in Springbok, the only place I could find with passable internet.  All pictures by Robin Nichols.

Infra-red shot from my balcony at Kagga Kamma camp...

Duiker seen briefly on our night drive
Blaesbok crossing the road at Kagga Kamma.
This was the tamest antelope we saw in the park and was not fussed being close to us. Every other antelope kept a good distance between us....
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Night sky above Kagga Kamma camp
Malachite Sunbird
Female Malachite Sunbird
Night sky over Kagga Kamma
San Bushmen rock art at Kagga Kamma

Rondavel accommodation overlooking the fynbos landscape
Nighttime at the boma, Kagga Kamma
View over the vast 22,000 hectare reserve(nfra-red
Klipspringer keeping a watchful eye on our group

Desert flowers

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