Friday, 3 January 2014

Re-purposing a Damaged Digital Photo Book

Occasionally I have received a new photo book that's damaged. In one instance it was damaged in the post - clearly dropped from a great height onto a corner. With one of my Cuba books, it was the adhesive used in the binding - after a few days it tore away from the covers. The company (in this example, Blurb) is usually good enough to replace the defective product, but what then do you do with the damaged book?

I briefly thought of off-loading it at Christmas on one of my unsuspecting relatives but thought better of it. They are not that dumb!

But then I thought, why not re-purpose the perfectly printed pages by framing some of the more interesting images out of the book? After all there were 112 pages in the book and if it was never going to adorn my coffee table, it's be going to waste. 

Blurb, and other book printing companies, use lithographic presses for their print requirements - which means good paper quality and fade-proof inks, as perfect combination.

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