Friday, 3 January 2014

CCE Speedlight Class

I have just finished and critiqued my last Mastering Your Speedlight class for 2013 at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE).  It was a great two days with 7 students flashing away relentlessly around the halls of Sancta Sophia College in Newtown. Here are some of the best from my November class.
If you are interested in doing this class in 2014, here's a link.

Stunning portrait of class student Marcelo by Katrina Partridge.
Her direct approach and tight framing make for a powerful, dynamic image. 
An excellent example of how "simple" is usually the most effective approach.
Great lighting, great composition, great job!

Home studio flash work by Malcolm Trees.
Good, punchy lighting gives strong contrast in this cute portrait session
Group shot, painted with light (speedlights) by Deidre Farrell
A very cool light-painted band shot from Victor Muruet
Classic multi-flash shot from Malcolm Trees
Although we all know speedlights have this functionality (to shoot multiple flashes in one exposure) you rarely ever get to use it - or see good examples of it in action.
Malcolm has nailed it with this tricky golf swing shot. Well done!
Ring flash (Orbis) in action.
This portrait by Kate Buchanan perfectly highlights the characteristics of ring flash: extremely soft, all round shadow. One big downside to using the Orbis is that it is bulky to operate.
Simple but highly effective wireless flash effect on this portrait from Vicki Johnston.
Great WOW! factor!
Impressive portrait of fellow student Kate by Deidre Farrell.
Off-camera flash gives you so many more creative options
Another sublimely simple, but very strong portrait from Katrina Partridge
As often as not, converting an image to black-and-white can add tremendously
to the creative 'look' created in post-production.
Beautiful post-production values.

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