Thursday, 29 September 2011

GoPro Fun

Here are a few simple clips strung together shot using the GoPro Naked - this is essentially a 5Mp video camera about the size of a matchbox. GoPros are designed by extreme sports people for extreme sportspeople - I am not one of thse but I can still use this 1080p HD camera for a number of  interesting projects. Because of its tiny size the GoPro is amazingly handy for shooting in small spaces or for attaching, as the original intnetion, onto a bike helmet, skis, surfboard or tow bar of a 4WD.

The Naked models comes with a minimum of attachments - you can buy extra attachment brackets or stickers for a few bucks online. I bought the tripod adaptor so it now fixes nicely onto the end of a Velbon monopod. Which enables me to shoot some high angle images simply and relatively effortlessly. The $320 Naked shoots 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. The quality is good if you shoot in good light. Any shade or low light and you'll get a lot of noise. I find the colour flat and lacklustre but most of this can be fixed in post. The 127 degree angle of view produces extreme optical distortion - which adds to the wackiness of the video. The shots in car on this video were done simple by sticking the camera's foot onto the car's dash with blutac. It has no LCD (buy it as an extra) and no real controls - everything is a flashback to the 70s, being operated via two press button combinations. But you can shoot single frames and time lapse with the GoPro as well as 960p and self timed images. Its waterproof casing is watertight to 50m - and if it gets damaged, you can get a replacement for $49. Bargain.

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