Monday, 4 April 2011

On the Road Abstracts

Another challenge for our last picture critique night was to submit two abstract images gleaned from our travels. Here's the best of the best.

Zoomed flowers by Ian Caldwell

Abstract souk collage from Sue Caldwell

Khasab cruise buoy close-up by Lucie Loane

Abstract colours. Image collage comprised of paint tints by Lucie Loane

Amazing kalaidoscope image by Carolyn Grattan. Meknes Royal Stables, Morocco

Zigzag Marakesh window colours from Fraser Burdon

Kalaidoscope view of paint tints by Fay Burdon

Tiled floor dervish effect by Janice G.

Chefchaouen night lights by Glyn Patrick


  1. Have much enjoyed the trip through Morocco. Abstracts are great. Chefchaouen as beautifully blue as ever. Bonne route pour Oman.

  2. Thanks Noni - we slowed up a bit in Oman - not so many Internet connections. Will be posting more from Oman and Syria from Monday 18th...

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