Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Zanzibar: Spice Island Tour Revisited

Well we did it again. The Zanzibar spice island tour. Getting there involved sitting in a small Hyundi microwave four-wheeled oven just long enough to cook the people inside it nicely.
At about the time we could feel the weak air conditioning seeping to the back of the oven it was time to get out and walk through the humid bush for two hours, chewing, sniffing and sampling variuous bits of foliage, twigs, nuts and berries. Basically doing everything you shouldn't in a strange country: eat the native flora!
The point of the trip is to get visitors more familiar with why Zanzibar is so famous (that's for spices, NOT for Freddie Mercury). A great afternoon of tomfoolery, climbing up palm tress (none of the group I may add) and snacking on all sorts of weird and wonderful herbs and spices, including: nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, green pepper, calamansi fruit, cloves, cardomon, chili, mandarins, star fruit and tumeric. Great fun. At the end of the proceedings we all get to wear an cool banana leaf hat just so we could look especially silly...

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