Friday, 16 April 2010

Zanzibar and OUT

It was a sad day today as I caught the plane out of Zanzibar and headed for home. Well almost.
Our group of seven became a bunch of five once Toby and Janice G left us at Dar-es-Salaam airport. They headed to the Holiday Inn in the city for an overnight, then a flight to Jo'burg, and home sometime the next day. Rest of us stood for nearly 1.5 hours while the Tanzainian airport authorities tried to get their computer system running. Eventually it groaned into gear and off we went to Dubai - where I sit with Saima now. We are headed for Damascus in five hours. One very cool thing the (Singapore) Youngs introduced us to here is if you are flying Emirates through Dubai and have to wait more than 4 hours for a connecting flight you can get into a special Emirates lounge (yes, a lounge for economy! It's upstairs above the main duty-free shopping area in Terminal 3). It serves meals/drinks 24 hours or snacks inbetween - you can chill in the soft seats, use the freeee and faaaast Internet or just veg out well away from the hectic, frenzied pedestrian traffic surging through the airport.

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