House Construction Photo Project #2

Mid-April and the bulk of the rock has been cut out - but the rock cutter stays on site making me nervous.  I have an idea it's an expensive thing to hire for a day... 
It's been five weeks since work started and,  as is often the case with new builds, it's hard to see where all the money is going!

Our beautiful footings and foundations had to be broken to accommodate - something or other.
It felt like we were taking a giant step backwards.
Panorama of the front 'sunroom's' foundation.
Part of the problem with this site is that we insisted on saving some of the existing trees and shrubs so the builders had less space to dump the excavated earth.  Interestingly the earth expands by at least 1.4 times once freed from the ground.
It looks like a small hole but I think we have had about five trucks and trailer loads removed from the site so far.
What's left has been sieved  (to remove the rocks) and used as back fill before the first floor slab is added.

Mid-May and the garage floor has been fully excavated.
Unfortunately the excavator is still on site (and therefore costing us more $$)
Here's Tommy the concreter finalising the pit, a large hole going into the garage floor to handle seepage from the foundations and runoff from the driveway
Even five weeks into the excavation it still looks like things are proceeding slowly.
Mid-May and the pit is now in place, buried in blue metal and sand ready for the basement footings to be poured, then the slab.
Once this is completed the building might begin to look more like a house.
As Tommy told me, the irony is that most of the cost of a house goes into parts that you never see...
Natalie admiring the steelwork over the basement slab

All we need now is a few truckloads of concrete!

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