Sri Lankan Wildlife

One of the many leopards in Yala National Park.
The advantages of staying right next to the park is that you get to see a lot more wildlife
Sri Lanka, famous for its unique cultural heritage and great food is also a very popular destination for wildlife photographers. It's lush rain forests, abundant wildlife refuges and small population make this one of the best places in the region to see leopard, elephant, sloth bears, and antelope - not to mention many of the thousands of bird species.

Water buffalo are like Asian tractors - they are used for cultivating rice paddies but also produce milk and one of the best local dishes around: buffalo curd (yoghurt).
Female leopard in Yala National Park
Monkeys watching the photographers in Yala National Park
Sri Lanka has an astonishing range of bird species, most of which have stunning plumage like this Green Bee Eater
Spoonbill hunting the shores for pondlife
Mating leopards, Yala National park
An Avocet wading along the shores in one of Lanka's many man-made tanks (reservoirs)
The peacock is native to Sri Lanka and can be see in many of its national parks

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