Saturday, 27 July 2019

Sydney's Living Museums: Meroogal, Nowra

"Handed down through four generations of women from one local family, Meroogal tells a multitude of stories about the ‘Roogal’ women and the south-coast community in which they lived".
It's an easy two-hour drive south of Sydney and provides an interesting record of life as it was in Nowra, around 1885...

The drawing roomThis is the official room in which non-family guests were 'received. What's amazing about this, and many of the other properties managed by Sydney Living Museums, is that the house is packed with original furniture, original bric-a-brac and countless mementos either passed down thru the generations or donated by members of the family to the house. This gives the visitor a really good idea of what life around 1885 might have been like.
Because the house is both small and shaded - by a beautiful jacaranda on the street and by curtains and blinds inside, you really have to select a high ISO in order to achieve a good hand holding shutter speed. All the shots here were created from hand-held bracketed exposures and post-processed using Aurora HDR PRO 2019.

The laundry - pretty much untouched for decades apart from an electric washing machine left from the sixties (I think)...
One of the upstairs bedrooms - full of furniture!
Tryptich of features seen at Meroogal House, Nowra
The old water pump (still works!), drawing room and an old phone on its little seat!

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