Sunday, 18 March 2018

Crow Island from Flagrock Bastion, Galle Fort

Indian tourists taking a selfie from Flagrock bastion, Galle Fort

On my photo tours I always try to get everyone into shooting at night with a tripod. Unfortunately there were no stars last night because the sky was 9 tenths cloud cover - but there was some illumination provided by the lighthouse beam sweeping out across the sea.

Here are a few shots taken late in the evening from the most southerly part of Galle Fort, looking out to sea
. Night time exposures were around 160secs at f4, ISO 800. (Interestingly these files required substantial retouching to remove/retouch the blank pixels - these appear in the file as white or coloured specks - in my case, the EOS 5D MkIII produces a lot of these 'dead' pixels - you don't see this in daylight, only in long, nighttime exposures in the darker areas of the file).

Crow rocks in the distance illuminated by the beams from Galle lighthouse - and some larger rocks in the foreground illuminated with Ian's LED flashlight. The lights in the distance are container ships off the coast and local fishing boats.

Surf breaking over rocks immediately in front of Flagrock bastion - the lights from a passing ship somewhat overpowering the view on the horizon
Here's the original RAW file with some 'dead' pixels circled in red. It's something you'll find in all cameras with varying degrees of intensity. The only thing you can do about this is to retouch the spots using the Clone Stamp or Spot Healing brush.

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