Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Climbing Sigiriya or Lion Rock, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Sigiyiria, Lion Rock
The last part of the ascent is up a series of very steep steel steps attached to the wall of the rock itself.  I think the best policy when going up or down is to avoid looking directly down - suddenly that handrail feels very low and insignificant!

Novice monks on the move
The view from the top, despite the humidity and haze, is pretty impressive
Rules, Rules, Rules!
Group of Buddhist monks on the way up to the summit
At 9am there was a considerable queue to view the remaining Sigiyiria rock paintings located just above the mirror wall, a gallery that runs along a ledge in the rock (painted orange).
Visitors are forced to climb a spiral staircase up to view the paintings, then down another spiral staircase to proceed along the gallery and out at the base of the last section of the climb. Sadly you are no longer allowed to take pictures, or video, of these amazing paintings. I was lucky enough to get some shots last time we visited four years ago.

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