Sunday, 19 November 2017

Yanagawa: Canal TownPunt full of

Very Low Head RoomA punt full of Taiwanese tourists hunker down to avoid a permanent scar across their foreheads from the very low road bridges across the canals
Boatman's Party Trick
While cowering in the boat, the boatman jumps onto the bridge, crosses the road, and when they all sit back up and realise there's no one on the boat, he jumps over the parapet back into the boat.
Our boatman was left over from the Meiji period so might have had a heart attack if he'd tried the same trick., Instead he sang to us...
Taiwanese Selfie Heaven
Despite the fact that we had three Japanese in the boat and the rest foreigners
Classic view looking down the canal
Nice little view over the canals of Yanagawa

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