Thursday, 8 June 2017

Two Exciting New Photo Tours for 2018

I have just posted the final details about two new and exciting photo tours for next year: Sri Lanka in March and Madagascar in May 2018.

Sri Lanka is one of my all-time favourite destinations because it's such a diverse country with a long and fascinating history, terrific cuisine, fabulous wildlife, impressive scenery, plus it's relatively inexpensive and easy to get there.

The mood of this trip is to experience some of the antiquities of the country, as well as its wonderful cuisine, while journeying through some of its best wildlife parks. And did I mention tea?

To  make a reservation on the Sri Lanka trip, call Frederick Steyn at Academy Travel (02) 9235 0023 or 1800 639 699, or email him directly: 

Madagascar is a different destination completely - this trip is really all about the amazing flora and fauna to be found in this unique habitat.

Travel in Madagascar is more of a challenge than many other locations I have been to in the past but you are guaranteed to see some of the world's most endearing and endangered animals on this two-week trip across the island...

If you are interested in either or both, please contact me (details in the downloadable PDFs online.

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