Saturday, 11 March 2017

Two New Online Classes posted on UDEMY

I have just finished writing and posting these two new online classes on UDEMY: Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements and CC Projects

Mastering Elements has 73 lectures, running over 8.5 hours, and basically takes you through all aspects of this comprehensive application.
It starts
with the basics and finishes with complex, multi-image montages, selections, masking and automation.
The way UDEMY is set up means that you can do this class at any time and more importantly, in your own time, bit by bit, lesson by lesson. 

UDEMY also offers good discounts (quite frequently) so if you are interested, keep an eye on the pricing at UDEMY.
CC Projects is a little different - in that it is designed for photographers with some knowledge of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements...
It includes a number of project-based real world 'exercises' designed to introduce you to both new features in CC, while remaining entirely practical in its structure.
Creating home made chutney labels, working with (free) downloadable Photoshop brushes to add impressive effects (i.e. lightning and clouds), custom text and fonts, montaging images together, selections, masks and much more (see below).
Create your own custom labels using stock shots, clip art and selection
Adding lightning bolts using a custom Photoshop brush
Blending a publicity shot of Gary Oldman with an old master, Rembrandt!
Adding custom fonts and montaging stock shots together to create a realistic TV poster for Wolf Hall

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  1. This is absolutey lovely! Udemy is a great resource for getting training in various IT related courses. Your training has made me quite curious about getting training from Udemy.