Saturday, 9 April 2016

Paladar Guarida - the location for the Film; Freisa y Chocolade

Interesting front entrance.
Like many entrance ways in the capital, the front door speaks of a far grander time.
You can just see a building site at the back of the ground floor.

Strawberries and Chocolate was a Cuban film released in 1995 to great critical acclaim. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Most of the scenes were shot in and around this interesting paladar (a paladar is a family run restaurant).
The film is a basic gay love story gone wrong - but what made it all the more interesting is that it was set in the communist-run society of Havana in the 70's, when being different, in any shape or form, was officially frowned upon, if not a serious criminal offence.

The ground and first floors appear to be either under renovation or just a bit derelict
First floor is used by the few residents in this grand old building to dry their washing
The second floor holds a bar and the restaurant.
Food and service were excellent and it had clearly benefitted from being the location of this film
Eggplant dip, fish taco, pumpkin soup and a stuffed pancake - washed down with a mojito

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