Monday, 4 April 2016

Homestay, Cuban Style

Thanks to a booking mistake I made, we were left with one night unaccounted for this week (the Hotel Raquel where we had been staying for the week was fully booked) so arranged to stay in a Casa Particulares, a Cuban homestay for one night which was a bit of an adventure. This is the tiny living room.
Entrance hallway to the block of apartments on Calle Ygnacio in Habana Viejo, the Old city
Yours truly surveying the passers-by in the street.
The cobblestones were so rough in this area that I lost both wheels on my suitcase.
The electric shower arrangement.
It worked but the apartment, which cost about $45 for a night, was tiny.
You'd knock a cat senseless if it was swung about...
Here's the tiny kitchen (we chose NOT to cook!)
Just big enough for one small person to stand in.
Three huge water tanks were suspended up above in the ceiling.
Overall it was very quite quiet place but the size made us both feel somewhat guilty seeing as we are building a new house with a kitchen/living area that's larger than the entire 'particular'...

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