Saturday, 16 April 2016

Creating a Jigsaw Panorama for a Different Look

Inside Havana cathedral.
Remember to turn the AF off.
Also manual metering works best to ensure all the sections are the same brightness values before stitching...
Crossing La Farola - the mountain pass enroute to Baracoa in Eastern Cuba
A jigsaw pano is made up from 20+ frames.
It's best to set the camera's resolution to medium or even LOW otherwise the collective file will be 1Gb or higher.
The software used to stitch this together is Photomerge in either Elements or Photoshop.
Santiago cathedral
One of the more interesting things about the jigsaw method is unpredictability.
You get a totally uneven and irregular edge, however careful you might be in shooting the individual sections.
It can of course be cropped back to a rectangle, or just left as is...
Santiago cathedral from a different angle
Another good example of a jigsaw panorama by Natalie Hitchens
You can of course crop the final shape back to a square or rectangle - but one of the nice things about this technique is the unpredictability of the result!

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