Friday, 29 April 2016

Citizens; Remember to Bring Your Passport With You!

As the photo tour group leader I see it as my job to ensure all clients remember to bring their stuff with them when leaving a hotel: electrical adaptors, paperwork, passports and anything stored in the room safe.
On one memorable day I went round asking everyone as we left Club Amigo in Trinidad (not recommended, by the way).
In fact several people asked me if I had my passport with me.
For some unknown reason I never checked until we were at a viewpoint about 25mins down the road from the hotel.
I suddenly panicked, getting that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach.
I checked my bag and Yes, passport was back in the hotel. Duh!
Luckily the driver was quick to get me back there before the hotel staff (never fast movers in Cuba) could get to my room.
Passport recovered OK.
Note to self, practice what you preach.
Here's a converted political poster that states "Always remember to take your passport with you!"
Sage advice I think...
Created using a low res head shot of 'moi', layers in Elements and a font called Broken Detroit.

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