Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Visit to the Rafael Trejo Boxing Gimnasio in Havana

 Here are a few shots form our visit to the Rafael Trejo boxing gym in Havana Viejo. It's a community place that serves the the neighbourhood, providing exercise opportunities, plus boxing training for the local lads. And, as we saw, the local girls too - although they are not allowed to get into professional bouts.

The resident champion.
This man has been training at the gym most of his adult life.
Shot in colour, processed using Aurora HDR Pro
A playful bout between a local boy and girl.
Though she clearly outweighs him, his reach was probably a good six inches longer so managed to keep out of trouble while teasing her with a few jabs. (
She did get a few good smacks in before they finished).

Action photography requires a plan (where to stand and what lens to use)
Servo focussing so that, once locked on to the subject, it stays in focus.
Continuous shooting mode so you can shoot without stopping.
JPEG files so the buffer does not fill so fast (as with RAW) ensuring a clear run of 25+ shots before the camera stops to catch up.

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