Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Postcard from Hemingway's Havana Residence, Finca Vigia

About 15 kms out of Havana Centro sits Finca Vigia, the house that Hemingway and his wife lived in - up until the revolution
His wife built him this room (up 25 steps) in a tower separate from the house - to get away from the household noise so he could write.
As it happened Hemingway never used this room to write because as soon as he settled up there, in came the several dogs and cats that lived in the house - so he never got any peace!
After he died in the USA, Hemingway's wife returned to Havana and eventually left the home as a museum.
Everything you see (from the open windows - you are not allowed int the house) is as he left it...

One of Hemingway's offices complete with paintings, books (there are over 8000 in the house) and an assortment of stuffed animals - and the bullets used to shoot them on the desk!

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