Thursday, 31 March 2016

Postcard from Havana

Havana. Busy, noisy, dirty, and very, very colourful. There seem to be more of the old US cars in the city in good condition - some great paint jobs - it's obvious that the locals are making a conscious effort to capitalise on tourists' interest in these old cars. This is quite noticeable from our visit four years ago- as well as an increase in prices. A mojito is now 3CUC! ($3). Money well spent, but not before 10am. There's also a lot of restoration in the old part of the city - it's nice to see these fabulous buildings being preserved.

An original Desoto gas guzzler just off the main square in Old Havana.
Most can be rented for about $40 an hour...

An old doorway waiting to be renovated.
Maybe. Quisas...

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