Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Build So Far

Yuk! Weeks-old builders coffee.
Campos - shows a good taste in coffee - although what's left has grown a beard and dribbled out of the top...

Discarded wire given the Jixi Pix treatment
iPhone - Panoramic view over the bulkhead to see the roof timbers - waiting for the steel roof to be fitted!
iPhone - Front and rear first floor balconies went in this week at last...
iPhone - Side terrace - running over the ground floor bathroom roof to the left, and rear terrace to the right
iPhone - At last the need for the massively thick steel superstructure became obvious.
The brickies have to add seven rows of double brick above the steel to reach the height of the roof.
Finally we can clearly see the P&O art deco style appearing out of the mass of mess...

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