Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hot Mud Venting - High Speed Shutter

I shot these images in Namaskard hot springs near Myvatn in north eastern Iceland.  It's an impressive landscape with steam venting out of the ground and raised vents. 
Mud and boiling waters oozes, bubbles and fizzes out of numerous apertures in the mud.  It's a bit of a devil's cauldron.  I found one really cool and very active mud spring and shot a series of close ups at extreme shutter speeds - 1/2000s and faster - to (hopefully) freeze the shapes of the mud bubbling out of the vents. I had no idea what this might look like - and indeed the steam in the immediate area mostly obscured the mud bubbles - but I brought out the details by maximising the Contrast (in Lightroom), darkening the Blacks and cranking the Clarity slider to the max.

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