Friday, 4 September 2015

The Blue Lagoon in the Pouring Rain

This is Iceland's premiere attraction for visitors - the Blue Lagoon Spa out near Keflavik airport - most guests visit enroute for Reykjavik directly off the plane - not a bad idea after a gruelling 23 hour flight from Sydney.  We have been in Iceland three days and drove down to the lagoon for a 10am session this morning in the rain.
Because the tickets for this place have to be pre-booked, the bad weather wasn't putting anyone off a visit. Here are a few quick shots I did this morning.
Some single exposures, some multiples in the rain.

This is the front of the geothermal station at Blue Lagoon - the complex itself is off to the right
The car park was half full when we arrived. You get a wristband that has a chip - this opens your locker and can be used to tot up your bar bill should you eat or drink while wallowing in the waters. The pool is only 4 or 5 foot deep at its maximum so most of the time guests are bobbing up and down in the shallows clutching a glass of wine or beer, shifting from cool patches of water to hotter ones, and vice versa!

Blue-green waters off the main bathing area.
You can see how jagged the volcanic rock is, how white the lining of the pools are and the turquoise...

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