Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hallgrimskirkja: Reykjavik's Landmark Cathedral

The light was all wrong, and there were too many people milling around the front of the building for a decent stab at an HDR multi-exposure image.
So I underexposed a frame and got a nice silhouette of this iconic Icelandic monument instead.
A (HDR) view from the top.
Looking down towards the older part of Reykjavik

How do you shoot a magnificent interior like this?
I chose my EF14mm fisheye which does a good job as long as the aperture is set to f8 - if it is less than this (it's an f2.8 lens) the edges get very soft...
Here's my standard (HDR) view of the cathedral. 
You can clearly see this spire rising above the streets of Reykjavik 12 kilometres away

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