Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Godafoss waterfall in North Iceland

Here are a few 7-shot HDR images taken at the mighty Godafoss, a massive waterfall in northern Iceland. Godafoss means the God waterfall, so named because this is where Thorgeir Thorkelsson, the man that introduced Christianity into Iceland, renounced paganism and threw his Norse icons into the water signifying a full conversion to Christianity.
Religious history aside, Godafoss remains one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in all of Iceland.

The view of Godafoss from downstream
Ultra-fast shutter speed freezes the insane flow of water going over the falls (1/2000s @ f5.6)
Here's yet another waterfall taken near Blonduos.
To create this dream-like softness in the water I used a 10-stop Neutral Density filter (Hoya)
This extends the shutter speed by ten stops producing, in this case an exposure of 10secs @ f8
Most of the photographers we saw in Iceland were using tripods and some form of ND filter.
One downside of this technique is that, because of the long exposures, you can easily get camera shake.
Here the wind was blowing at around 65kmh so this is one of only a few that came out 100% sharp

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