Thursday, 6 August 2015

Using Photodex Pro Show Gold

Here's a short slideshow featuring pictures I took in Southern Africa back in 2013.  This is my first real attempt using Pro Show Gold, probably the best slideshow making software on the market. Its ridiculously simple to use - via its Wizard - you just have to remember where the individual shots are saved, what music you'd prefer to use (royalty-free of course) and what style of slideshow to try out...

ProShow's Wizard is dead easy to use (that's the point), especially if the images and music are nicely edited and ready to go...
Import the images/slides and shuffle to get the order right. Next.
Choose a theme - these are pre-made slideshow themes - with various combinations of transitions, animations, text effects, lighting, vignetting and more.
From simple, no movement shows, to complex 3D animations 
Once the images/video clips are imported, the sound added and theme selected, click Done and you see a standard timeline arrangement.
In this mode you can go on to add credits, titles, additional effects, more audio, different transitions and more to the show.
Double-click an individual slide to open the Options panel - here you can fine-tune each slide, changing its animation, transition, timings, animation and, with the Adjustments panel (on right) the sharpness, brightness, White Point, Black Point saturation and more.

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