Monday, 31 August 2015

A Postcard from Lacock Abbey, the home of photography

Lacock Abbey, in the West Country village of Lacock, is the home of Henry Fox Talbot. 
Talbot was attributed for inventing photography in the UK.
It was originally a nun's cloister before the Talbot family moved in.
Now it's now part of the UK National Trust.

Parts of Harry Potter were filmed here - as well as Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Moll Flanders, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Wolf Man and Cranford.
Parts of the village look the same as they must have been 200 years ago. 
There are no telephone lines, modern lighting, yellow parking signs on the roadside
or mobile phone towers.  It's a beautiful spot to wander for an hour or two.  There are three pubs - one of which still has a dog-operated spit turning wheel (though it's been a few years since a canine has been used to turn the spit...).

HDR shot of the cloisters in Lacock abbey
300 year-old tithe barn in the village of Lacock
Lacock Abbey main hall.
HDR of one of the Abbey's main bedrooms

Inside one of the original cloister rooms

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