Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Raiders Shift Ark Investigation to Lalibela

Raiders head honcho Angela La Loggia heading up the team somewhere in Lalibela
Following our unsuccessful quest for the Ark in Axum, the Raiders investigative team flew to Lalibela in central northern Ethiopia to continue their search.

After the decline of the Axumite civilisation the survivors fled to Roha (now modern day Lalibela) to escape further persecution - but did the Ark go there as well? 
And was it secreted away in one of the 11 mysterious churches that are carved out of the mountainside? Time was not on our side. Egged on by the threat of interference from German, Austrian  AND French interests, we decided to continue our  search...

A tantalising discovery?
While in one of the many rock-hewn churches, a glint of metal caught my eye from behind a curtain separating the commoner's area from the Holy of Holies.
I quickly (and rather furtivel)y snapped a couple of shots before the Deacon sped past and swept the curtain shut.
It was only a glimpse but it was enough for us to continue our search....

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