Friday, 6 March 2015

Raiders of the Lost Ark pt 3: New Clues

After our move from Axum in the North of Ethiopia to the mountainous hideaway of Lalibela we moved our search further out of town into more remote hills 45kms away in search of answers.
There we had an amazing stroke of luck.
In one chapel, hidden away in a cave burrowed out of the bedrock we found an old hermit called David the Doubtful who not only claimed to know all about the Ark of the Covenant but also the whereabouts of a map that, he claimed, indicated the real location of this long sought after treasure...

As we arrived at Biblia Chirkos (church) we came face to face with this apparition.
A hermit living in a cave round the back of the church just next to the tradesman's entrance.
After plying him with a small coin of the realm (actually a Singaporean 20 cent coin  I use for tightening my tripod - he wouldn't know the difference) he revealed the name of a priest who apparently held the key: an Ark of the Covenant discovery map...

Down the road we went and after some time came to Biblia Giyorgos and this marvellous fellow, the deacon.
He graciously donned his official robes and showed us pages from a 1000 year-old manuscript held in his care.
And there, in the glare of two high wattage candles, between pages 439 and 440, was a map for all to see.
But this clearly was not the end of our journey.
We realised that this truly was not to be an easy task as a long voyage into the jungles of central Africa was required.
So, into the heart of darkness we must journey....

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