Friday, 20 February 2015

A Middle Eastern Brekkie

Heading up to Addis Ababa from Sydney, I stopped in Dubai for a night just to recover from the 14-hour flight from Australia before meeting the rest of my photography tour group in Ethiopia.  
 I’d forgotten what a Middle Eastern breakfast could be like: expansive, tasty and completely different to anything you are likely to experience on the West.
Main dishes include ful mesdames (centre, top), which I believe is originally from Egypt, a mixture of fava beans, garlic, onions and spices, hummus (of course - it's the Middle East)), labneh, a fantastic dip - a cross somewhere between yoghurt and cream cheese, haloumi cheese, salad, and eggs, usually fried and placed on top of the ful. Then of course there’s coffee and Arabic style bread to mop up the mess. Delicious.

(Canon EF 24-105mmm f4 lens, 1/40s @ f4, ISO 1000).

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