Thursday, 11 December 2014

November Photo Essentials Assignment Results at CCE

Here are two of the best submissions from student submissions from November's great Photography Essentials class - the shoot was primarily from the Sydney Heritage Shipyards in Rozelle. The assignment was basically to find a theme - not that hard in a place full of decay, rust, corrosion, repair not to mention great characters...

My next two-day photo class at CCE begins in the New Year (Sunday Feb 01)

Through the portholePic by Danielle S.
Old ropes and hawsers
Pic by Jebb B
 Pic by Jebb B

Hanging tools
by Johnny B

Instrument panel on the tug Waratah
Pic by Danielle S
Door knob detail
HDR image by Johnny B
Colourful pallets
Pic by Jonathon B
Waratah close up
Pic by Vanessa McD
Refurbished steering gear
Pic by Vanessa McD
Hull markings, extreme shallow depth of field EFX
Pic by Jonathon B

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