Sunday, 16 November 2014

Postcard from Fuji-san

Beautiful autumnal colours processed using Jixi Pix Moku Hanga software.
Fuji-san is Japan's highest peak at 3776 metres.
Because of its beautiful symmetry it's regarded one of the country's three holy mountains and is the subject of countless paintings, poems and other images.
The five lakes region based around the town of Kawaguchigo is a very popular tourist spot for locals and overseas visitors. There are plenty of spots around Lake Kawaguchigo that present perfect views of the peak.
Mount Kachi Kachi has a short cablecar ride that gives you a great view of the sun rising over Fuji.  It's also the setting for a famous Japanese story called Kachi Kachi Yama where a racoon steals a farmer's seeds and is held to account by a friendly rabbit - I assume this little guy. Anyway, it made a bizarre point of interest with Fuji as a backdrop.

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