Saturday, 29 November 2014

Heian Shrine, Kyoto

Heian shrine in Kyoto is famous for its giant torii gate standing over the approach road - but it also has a brilliant garden round the back of the main buildings, complete with tea house and bridge over a lake. Good for autumnal photography although, as you can see here, it's both visually busy and amazingly bright in colour. In fact this is an issue all over Japan in the autumn - the colours, the reds and yellows,  are so intense it's hard to get the balance right.

In these examples I first tried shooting, then processing, HDR images - but that's too hard because the trees were moving and the colours were way off being accurate. A single RAW file produced the best, most accurate colour.

Most of this extensive shrine is painted in this striking vermillion colour making it very distinctive.

Some of the stepping stones seen in the film Lost in translation...

An amazing gnarled tree that looks a bit like a praying mantis

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