Saturday, 27 September 2014

Roadhouse Roadsters

The Canon Roadhouse has an amazing collection of car parts, signs, old tools and even restored vehicles sitting around the property.
Impressive succulent planter in the shape of an old Ford saloon car...
During our trip through Namibia, we stayed in an extraordinary hotel/motel 20 mins drive from Fish River Canyon called the Canon Roadhouse (that's not a typo).  The owners are obviously car nuts - they have collected vehicles from all over and have planted them in the grounds and even in the buildings.  When you check in the receptionist is serving you from the tray of a flatbed truck. The dining room is dominated by a fully renovated 1930s ambulance - and there's a scarlet Morris Minor parked int he bar area. In fact the whole motel is a motor museum - every wall is plastered with number plates, garage signs, mechanic's posters and souvenirs scrounged from workshops, offices and garages all over the country, and even the world.  Some of the less salvagable motors have been used as planters for succulents while others serve as containers for quiver trees. It's a most interesting combination of historical artifacts and landscape design ingenuity. And the food is also great.  Here are some HDR shots of the cars 'planted' in the gardens and the house...

Lost in the succulents.
The Canon Roadhouse is an oasis of weird cars and succulents surrounded by some of the most arid desert scenery in Namibia
100-year-old quiver tree growing out of an old truck chassis
Sunrise over the petrol pumps at the Canon Roadhouse. 
(Seven-frame HDR image).
Water drilling rig that has seen better days...
Even dining is fun at the Canon Roadhouse as most of the tables are pushed up against one or other parked car!
Morris Minor parked in the bar area...
This is the reason for staying at the Canon Roadhouse: Fish River Canyon

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